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12th November 2014


My review of Interstellar, by Christopher Nolan

 In short: Probably the best film I have ever seen.

  In full.

I have deliberately avoided reading any reviews of this film as I didnít want to taint my viewing before Iíd even seen it. The hopes Iíd had were that high after seeing multiple trailers.

It is no doubt that this film is this generations 2001: A Space Odyssey. Iím sure the robots in Interstellar are part homage to that, and Iím sure I heard some of the sound track sound awfully similar in key points in the film.

The film is high concept, yes still inherently focused on the human aspect. It will appeal to both the hard SF fans, and those who like character driven fiction. The concepts behind this film are akin to those in Cloud Atlas. Without giving anything away, to understand one aspect of the film, if you have read Dan Simmonsí Hyperion Cantos, you will grasp the future interacting with the past/present. Something, which is a tad mind bending, and sublime if, you can get to grips with it.

 As a visual, the films cinematography is stunning. I saw this in regular 2D on a regular screen, and Iím now chomping at the bit to see it in 3D at the Imax. So if you only intend to see it the once, spring for the Imax, I assure you it *will* be worth it. I intend to see it again. I feel the film has that much depth, you wont take all in, in just one viewing.

 The plot: A group of highly trained scientists and astronauts are sent through a wormhole to save mankind. Yup, as simple, and as complex as that. The acting is spot on, and I am willing to bet this film gets mentioned for an Oscar or two.

On a final note, you will want to keep you brain switched on during this film, and you will be thinking about it, long after the final credits have rolled.